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Woman says moldy home is making her sick

A Smith County woman says the mold in her home is making her and her teenage son sick. She says the home they're leasing on Seton Street in Flint is making her son's asthma much worse. 

She says the problem is, they can't afford to move out.

"Look where it's rotted there. I just saw that just now," said Ruth Poirier. 

From the outside-in, Poirier says the home she's been leasing has mold.

"It stays wet. You can clean and dry, and then it's back the next day," said Poirier.  

She says the carpet was constantly wet, so she ripped it up to keep the floor dry. She has to clean that area daily. 

"The smell, it's back the very next morning," said Poirier.  

What's more concerning, she says, is her 15-year-old son's health; he has an oxygen tank in his room. 

"He has asthma. He has a heart condition. He wears a heart monitor," she said. 

Poirier contacted the Smith County Health Department to see if they could help. The health department says they can't do anything because the mold doesn't put the public at risk. 

We're told the landlord has put the home under foreclosure and can't afford the repairs. 

"It's not a good situation. We wake up in the morning with puffy eyes. We just can't breathe," she said.  

Until Ruth can afford to move, she says they have no choice but to stay there.

We tried to reach the homeowner, who leases the property to Ruth, but were unsuccessful.

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