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Day Five Of The Deanna Laney Trial

Deanna Laney's murder trial started its fifth day with testimony for the defense on Laney's mental state when she stoned her three sons. The defense called the psychiatrist hired by Judge Cynthia Kent to analyze Laney and provide an independent evaluation. Forensic psychiatrist, Dr. William Reid came to the same conclusions as all the others who've been before the jury. He interviewed Laney on January 12th. Unlike Dr. Dietz and Dr. Resnick who testified over the last two days, Dr. Reid did not videotape the interview.

So far this morning, Dr. Reid didn't seem to be offering anything new. Channel 7's Kevin Berns, who was in court this morning, says it seemed the purpose of Dr. Reid's presence was to reinforce everything the other psychiatrists have been saying. Defense Attorney Tonda Curry made a point of that when she asked him about the consistency of the findings among the five psychiatrists who evaluated her.

Dr. William Reid said, "There is better consistency among us, that is, our agreement is better than I have ever seen in a matter such as this that has come to trial."

One thing that has been a little different this morning, Dr. Reid has used the terms "crazy" and "craziness" several times. Those aren't really medical terms typically used by psychiatrists. However, no one has objected to him saying that. Prosecutors began questioning Dr. Reid around 10:30 this morning and seem to be concentrating a lot on the second prong of the two-prong Texas standard for insanity, which deals with Laney knowing or not knowing her actions were wrong.

The defense is expected to wrap up its case this afternoon. Word from the courthouse is that closing arguments may not happen until tomorrow morning.

We'll have updates for you on the case on Channel 7 news at 5, 6 and 10.

Kevin Berns, reporting.
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