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03/31/04 - Tyler

Jurors See Laney's Taped Confession

Jurors saw the 50 minute taped confession that was made in December of last year.

In it, Laney details the hallucinations she experienced before the murders. She said she believed God told her to kill her sons. She also described seeing her son, Aaron, with a rock and she believed that was a sign she was suppose to use a rock.

Here are excerpts from the videotape.

"At 11:30 I woke up. And it was like that feeling hit me, it's time. It's time."

"I went in Aaron's room. I got him out of his bed. I laid him on the floor. I got that rock that I put under his crib and I started hitting him in the head."

"Keith came in. He thought I was changing his diaper so he just turned around and went back out. It was dark. I did not turn the light on. But he wouldn't quit breathing. He didn't die. I thought he was going to die. But I couldn't do any more and I said, 'Lord, you're just going to have to do the rest. I can't do anymore.' So I put him in the bed... and I put the pillow over his little face because he was making this gurgling sound. I put the pillow over his head and I went out and I got Luke. I took the rock with me. I got Luke out of bed and this feeling just hit me, take him outside. So I took him outside."

"I laid him down on a rock and I picked up the rock next to him and I hit him in the head on the left side. It was all on this side... because Aaron ( undiscernible)... He would put that hand right here on his head. I thought that must of been why he's doing that because that was the side I was suppose to hit him on. In every one of them I hit them on the same side."

"I had to get Joshua. I didn't want him to see Luke. I drug Luke around. I drug Luke around... indiscernible"

"I put this rock down on his chest so that he couldn't breath."

"I said, 'Lord I just can't do it any longer.' I looked up and there was a streak of lightning that came down... and that was like a sign to me that he was dead.

Amy Tatum, reporting

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