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03/31/04 - Longview

Promotion Draws Crowd at Longview Chick-Fil-A

     A Longview promotion drew an enthusiastic crowd this morning, all seeking free food. They lined up as early as 6:00 this morning to have a chance at the big prize. The prize , a free meal every week for a year at the new Chick-Fil-A.

    "I starting crying when I got my name tag I had goose bumps, its a beautiful thing," says White Oak contestant Leah Douglas. To celebrate the new free standing building, organizers came up with the promotion and it caught on, with even prominent professionals saying they were going to take part.

    "Yeah I heard of a doctor who's coming tonight, he's got a group from his church that's supposed to come," says restaurant owner Chuck King. But to win, the contestants would have to brave the chill of night and the heat of day.

    It will cost the company around $25,000 for this giveaway.  But for the first 100 customers, the memory of this contest will be worth every bite. The winners receive their prize at 6:30 Thursday morning. Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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