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Third Day Of Deanna Laney Trial

More riveting testimony this morning in the Deanna Laney trial. Nationally known psychiatrist Dr. Park Deitz continues to affirm his belief Laney was insane when she stoned her three children. District Attorney Matt Bingham is taking every angle possible to get Dr. Dietz to budge on his belief that Laney was completely delusional when she stoned her children. Dr. Dietz layed out this morning exactly when and how Laney decided to use a rock to kill them. He says she say Aaron throw a rock at the boys in the yard that day and took that as a sign to use a rock. He also said Laney tripped over a rock in the yard that day, and she took that as a sign that was the rock she was to use. He said it wasn't until 11:30 that night she realized now is the time. D.A. Matt Bingham showed a crime scene photo of one of the boys, to show Laney had hesitation during the crime, trying to show she realized what she was doing was wrong. Dr. Dietz didn't agree and said, "Hesitation is consistent with her not wanting to harm her children, yet doing everything in her power to do the will of God."

It seemed Bingham kept asking the same questions over and over, trying to get a different answer from Dr. Dietz.

Dietz was careful with his answers to stay along the belief that Laney was carrying out God's will by committing the crimes.

Reporter Kevin Berns is at the courthouse right now and will have updates for you tonight on Channel 7 News at 5, 6 and 10.
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