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3/31/04 - Tyler

1916 RV Stops in East Texas

A 2004 Winnebago Vectra sits alongside a 1916 Ford Telescoping RV Apartment that sits on top of a Model T -- both top-of-the-line in their time. Unlike today's RV, where everything's inside, the 1916 model opens up to the outside, namely, the chest of drawers and the kitchen.

"It's not like my new Vectra, where I have all microwaves and all the modern conveniences," David Woodworth, RV historian, said. "But in 1916, pretty nice."

Woodworth travels around the country in his new RV, with the old one in tow. He gets to prepare food in a fully equipped kitchen and store leftovers in the fridge. But back then, it was a different story.

"As you're going down, the engine heat will heat up all your food," Woodworth said.

In 1916, one would have felt a little cramped in the RV bed. But today's RV, equipped with a queen-sized bed and all the comforts of home, has all the room almost anyone would need.

"With a push of a button, my awnings go out," Woodworth said. "I push another button, and the rooms slide out."

Woodworth says, the only thing about RV travel that's really changed over the years is technology. The reasons people do it are still the same: freedom, convenience, and lower travel expenses.

The RV history tour is already back on the road again, making stops at more than two dozen cities around the country.

By the way, more and more people are now traveling by RV. Research shows, today, one in 12 households that own vehicles, also owns an RV.

Julie Tam, reporting.

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