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Students say new facility could secure health of E. Texas


Nursing students at Tyler Junior College are eager to learn, but there are a few things that are keeping their learning "old school."

"Everything is pretty old. I mean, we're working on things that have been obsolete and handed down," said nursing student Patricia Clark.

Students say the lack of technology is depriving them of some much-needed hands-on experience.

"If you're behind the curve on that, that's one more hurdle you have to overcome," said nursing student Cliff Dickey.

For dental hygiene students, it's the same story.

"The clinic itself is pretty limited in that space is a real issue," said student Jamie Donaldson.

With the program on a paper-only system and digital x-rays not easily accessible, students find themselves struggling to keep up.

"Nowadays, with technology being what it is, we have to keep up with that," said student Jocqui Konemany.

Students feel a new health facility, which would include classrooms, equipment and labs, could secure the health of East Texas. That's if voters turn out.

"We need voters for it 'cause it's something that's needed. There's a nursing shortage out there, they say," said Clark.

The bond election will be held on May 12. School officials say half of the $50,000,000 project could come from taxes. The other half would come from student fees and private donors.

People living in the TJC tax district could see a property tax increase of $16 per $100,000 home value.

Town hall meetings on the bond will be held on Thursday, April 19, and Tuesday, April 24.

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