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03/29/04 - Tyler

Extramarital Affair Brought Up Before Laney Jury

The defense says it's irrelevant. But prosecutors say it goes to the question of whether Deanna Laney's family was a "model family" before she stoned three of her sons.

That revelation?  Word today, that 15 years ago, Deanna Laney had an affair.

This evening, during the testimony of renowned psychologist Dr. Park Dietz, District Attorney Matt Bingham mentioned the word "affair" in front of the jury.

Judge Cynthia Kent immediately instructed the jurors to disregard what was said.

The prosecution says the event was a traumatic experience for the Laney couple. And the defense feels it may throw the jury off their task of deciding whether laney knew right from wrong, when her sons were murdered.

Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham: "In regards to whether it's a model family or not is not just the witness' perspective, it leaves the impression that this family never had a problem, and that's not the case."

Defense Attorney Buck Files:  "I don't want a mistrial. I'm trying to clean the record up so Mrs. Laney is not penalized because I relied on the State instead of filing a motion so we could have a bench conference before this was brought up to the jury."

Judge Kent told the attorneys she trusts the jury to follow her instruction not to consider what was said about an affair.

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