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03/29/04 - Tyler

Deanna Laney's Husband Testifies

Keith Laney told the court there was never a sign of anything wrong with Deanna or her relationship with the children. The night of the killings, he said he mowed the lawn with his oldest son, Joshua, and the family went out to eat.

His kids kissed him goodbye before bed. Nothing unusual.

Prosecutor: "Have you ever asked yourself where did [motive for the crime] come from?

Keith Laney: "Every day."

Prosecutor: "Why do you ask yourself that specific question?

Laney: "Because I don't understand."

Prosecutor: "Did you ever see anything in her behavior that would have led you to believe that this would happen?"

Laney: "Never."

Keith Laney's mother and brother also testified Tuesday, as well as a brother-in-law who is the family's pastor.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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