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3/30/04 - Mt. Vernon

Entire City Without Running Water

An accident left an east Texas town without running water.

An old water main broke in downtown Mt. Vernon around 3:30 Tuesday morning. Mt. Vernon is about 10 miles west of Mt. Pleasant.

The city shut down the water tower to fix the foot long break. Schools let out early at 1 pm and port- a- potties were brought in for the students participating in an academic UIL meet.

One man's minor surgery was cancelled because there wasn't water to sterilize the surgical equipment.

Restaurants also had trouble.  Milano's Pizza brought in bottled drinking water to make coffee and tea, but it all had to be heated.

"We don't have any coffee right now cause we can't make the coffee. We can't wash the dishes. The customers can't use the restroom," says assistant manager Artena Salanat.

Those problems ended this afternoon when the water main was repaired. Water was returned to residents. The city recommends residents to boil the water for the next 24 hours.

Amy Tatum reporting. 

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