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3/30/04 - East Texas

Some Deductions Overlooked

The deadline to file your taxes is fast approaching.  Barring any extensions, April 15 is the day most Americans must have their taxes in the mail.

Paying taxes has always been complicated, especially for those with children and property.  But filing your taxes has become easier than ever.  The IRS offers a free file-by-phone option, you can file by internet and you can do it the old fashion way, just put it in the mail.  Anyway you choose the return you get should be in your account just in time for summer.

While easier than ever to file, the tax code has become complicated.  Changes each year and amendments to the code make missing certain deductions almost commonplace.  But missing money your owed doesn't have to be.  Here is a list of the most common overlooked deductions.  Check it out and see if you could be getting more money back.  For more information you can go to KLTV's "Taxes 2004" link and find all the information you need to complete your tax returns.   

Top 5 Overlooked Deductions

1. Education costs
2. Military costs
3. Student Loan Interest
4. Childcare costs
5. Charitable Donations

For more information on filing your taxes please click on the link below

Chris Gibson, reporting

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