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03/29/04 - Longview

Should You Get A Choice On Which Cable Channels You Receive?

How would you like to get rid of some cable channels and only keep your favorites? Recently Senator John McCain sent a letter to the country's five largest cable companies asking for more customer choices. He hopes getting rid of unwanted channels will lower cable prices. Some think it'll actually cost more.

Whether you have basic cable or you splurge for tier one or tier two, chances are there are a few channels you wish weren't available.

"BET, MTV, VH1," Trey Dupree describes the channels he least likes.

"Recently, we had HBO taken off because we didn't really use the premium stations," says Leslie Harold.

Stefanie Cox also has a channel she doesn't want on her cable system. "I don't like the Spike channel,"

But what if you could say goodbye to those channels forever and only keep the ones you and your family love the most? IIt's an idea Senator John McCain hopes the nation's largest cable companies will agree to.

"I'd like an a la cart set up because there's so many waisted channels," says Leslie. Trey agrees, "Then I'd get the channels that I want and not the channels they say I want.

"I think that people want to have a choice especially when you have children at home," says Stefanie.

But even if the cable companies agree to giving customers more of a choice they say it end up costing them more. That's because the more popular stations may end up costing consumers more. Not everyone believes a choice is worth the cost.

"No, I can just flip over them," says Amanda Woods.

But for others the choice isn't as much about convenience as it is what's best for the children. "I would much rather pay an extra $10-$15 a month to make sure they're not going to flip past something they don't need to see," says Stefanie.

So as the debate continues in the cable industry, consumers will continue to flip past some channels or simply turn them off.

In Senator McCain's letter to cable companies he commended Cablevision for recently letting their customers pick which sports channel they preferred. He challenged other cable companies, including Cox Communications, to begin doing the same.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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