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03/29/04 - Tyler

New System Catching Violators In The Act

The next time you break the law in Tyler, you could be caught on video.

Tyler Police are using a new tool called a Video Data Terminal, made by Coban, designed to help catch violators in the act. The new system works by linking a digital camera mounted just above the dash to an onboard computer. Unlike the old camera system, the video records at all times and gives police a complete record of stops, even before the lights come on.

Tyler Police officer John Weaver has one of the units in his car. He said the new system is more convenient and protects them if they have to go to court.

"They could contest it if they want to but if they do I'm going to mark in the ticket the date, time of the video if its got the violation on their then we can go back, pull that from the server and carry it to court if we need to."

The city of Tyler purchased 60 of the video data terminals at a cost of just over half a million dollars. Just a few cars have them now. Police hope to have the rest installed by the end of the year.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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