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3/28/04-Smith County

Laney Trial Draws Crowd

Sunday was a day of preps at the Smith County Courthouse, not only for the team of prosecutors bringing this case against Deanne Laney, but for members of the media getting ready to broadcast it to the rest of the country.  Opening arguements in the case are set to begin Monday.

A sattelite truck parked just outside the courthouse gives the first hint that it was not a normal day. The truck will be used by Court TV to broadcast the entire Laney trial, live. Newspaper and radio will also be allowed inside the courtroom.

On the first floor, a special room has been set up for the rest of the media. Additional phone lines and high speed internet connections available to disperse every detail of the case that has caught the eye of the nation.

The trial is expected to last up to a week and a half.

Chris Gibson, reporting

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