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ETX boy, 6, starts business to save dad

A six-year-old East Texas boy has set-up a lemonade stand to help pay for his dad's cancer treatments. 

Drew's father, 30-year-old Randy Cox, was diagnosed in February with cancer. Randy says he has several tumors in his chest. Drew says he just wants his dad to feel better. 

About three months ago, six-year-old Drew Cox learned his dad was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.
"I was feeling sad," said Drew.  

Last Sunday, Drew says an idea came to him to help his dad feel better. So, he made his business sign, and set-up shop. 

"I just did it because I wanted to help him with him money, to help him pay with his bills," said Drew.

Drew told his dad, Randy, the plans he had to help. Randy says he was amazed by his little boy's compassion.      

"You know it almost made me cry. It's nice knowing that my kids care so much for me," said Randy. "It's also hard too to help them understand that I am sick and that I can't do as much with them that I'd like to, but they're really smart young kids and they do understand that. Of course my youngest is just a baby and I don't get to hold him as much and love on him as much as I do, but at least the other two I can kind of explain to them what's going on." 

Even with medical insurance, Randy says they'll have to pay thousands out of pocket. As he looks at his son's plan to help, he says he finds a little bit of comfort. 

"It makes it emotional too, you know seeing that, knowing how much he cares, but you know every little bit helps," said Randy. 

Although Saturday is the official opening day for Drew's lemonade stand to help his dad, some drivers noticed his sign and had to meet this little boy. 

As he prepares for more customers Saturday, Drew says he's still working to perfect his lemonade.

"It tastes a little bit sweet, like the sugar is not really mixed up very good. It's like I can taste it," said Drew.

With each glass he sells, he knows he's helping his dad get better so they can one day do the things they love together.

"We like to wrestle. We like to play legos. We like to do everything," said Drew.

And that's why Drew is asking you to help him, help his dad. 

"I hope everybody comes and sees the lemonade and comes and gets some lemonade. I hope everybody gets some," said Drew.

You can help Drew's dad by buying lemonade or cookies Saturday from 2 to 5 p.m. Drew's lemonade stand will be set-up at 330 Walnut Street in Gladewater.   

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