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03/26/04 - Tyler

Changing Our World - John Taylor

Although John Taylor went to college on a football scholarship, it was golf that was always his first love. As golf coach at Tyler's Robert E. Lee high school, Taylor now has the opportunity to indulge his love for golf and help young people realize their dreams as well. Taylor has been a teacher and coach for 26 years. He's coached golf for the past 7 years. Today, his team is playing in the Brookhill Invitational Golf Tournament at Eagle's Bluff Country Club. The weather is picture perfect for the tournament, but Taylor's team has often practiced in hundred plus and freezing temperatures. Taylor says golf is a game that teaches concentration, controlling emotions, and team spirit. It's also a game his students can enjoy for a lifetime. For Taylor, a golf course filled with his students, is the best classroom imaginable. Through love of the game and love of teaching, John Taylor is Changing Our World.

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