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The Mohawk racer


Payton Stanley likes going in circles.

"I like passing people and the speed," said Stanley.

There's no finish line in sight.

"That's all we hear at home," said Payton's dad David Stanley.  "Day after day. Race, race, race.

At just ten years old this kid racer has already become a racing celebrity.  Nicknamed 'Stroker' after Bert Reynolds racing character 'Stroker Ace', Payton also sports an orange Mohawk.

"I wear it because it gets me attention and looks cool," said Payton.

Payton's dad is surprised by his son's early success.

"They're all gunning for Payton and the Mohawk," said David Stanley.  "Nobody has caught him yet."

At I-20 Speedway near Winona, Payton has won 21 races in a row.

"It's pretty hard," said Payton.  "You have to be on top of your game."

In his first year as a competitive kart racer, Payton won the I-20 Speedway season championship.  Now the Mohawk is gaining notice in Mississippi, with races in Kansas and Missouri to follow.

"We took this on to have fun on Saturday nights," said David Stanley. "It's blown up."

Payton hopes to be like his hero.

"I want to be the next Carl Edwards," said Payton.

NASCAR has a Carl Edwards.  It does not have a Stroker Stanley.

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