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03/25/04 - Longview

Fewer Using Pay Phones in Longview

     The communications revolution has drastically changed the way we talk to each other, and it may spell the end for and old standby, the phone booth. Since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone, people have not stopped talking on it, but technology often means something becomes extinct... Like the pay phone .

    In fact most people don't even know how much it costs to use a pay phone. " I think its a quarter, a quarter? yeah is that right?" says Longview resident Ginny Northcutt.

    "A pay phone? like out on the street? I have no idea I don't use those things" says June Killingsworth. 50 cents is the going rate for a local call, but you can find some independently owned phones for a quarter. But between fax, pager, e-mail and a flood of cell phone models, many just don't see the need for the pay phone.

    "Nowadays you can get a cell phone and stick it in your kids glove box if they have a car , if they break down they're good to go"says cell phone user Cliff Fortune. But some stick to the old ways.

   Most can't remember that last time they've used one. Make a call on one while you can, they may not be around forever.

  Bob Hallmark reporting.

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