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Authorities hit dead end in search for missing man


A Rusk County man vanished from his home nearly two months ago. 

James "Jimmy" Tidwell was reported missing February 15, after he didn't report to work for several days. Later, his truck was found abandoned near his home. Tidwell's family says they're desperately seeking answers. 

Rain falls on Tidwell's abandoned truck, and the grass continues to grow around the cabin his younger sister, Lynn Akin, says her brother built and loved.

"This is normally mowed and groomed to be a home place because that's what he considered it," she said. 
For nearly two months there has been no trace of Tidwell.  

"I don't think that he abandoned it willingly," said Akin. "I don't think he walked off and walked away."

"It's possible that he just walked away from everything and he's living somewhere else and he may surface eventually," said Chief Deputy Ron Duncan with the Rusk County Sheriff's Office. "The odds that that's the case, at this point, it's just as likely that there may have been foul play involved."

Duncan says Tidwell's white Ford pickup was found about five miles from his home after he missed work several days. 

About a month ago, authorities scoured Tidwell's property and the surrounding areas outside of Minden in Rusk County. Their search turned up empty.  
"It was a hard day," said Akin. "I just kind of walked around hoping that I would stumble across something and with no luck, so it was very disappointing that we cannot find anything at this time."  

As discouraging as the days have been, Akin says she holds on to her brother's picture, believing someone knows what happened. 
"Whether it's good news or bad news, any kind of news is better than no news because we are just looking for answers as to what happened and when and all the normal things that loves ones want to know," said Akin. "If your family just drops off the face of the earth, you'd wonder what happened. "

There's a $3,000 reward for information leading to Tidwell's whereabouts.

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