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Party chair challenges Gohmert's comprehension of health care reform


On Wednesday, East Texans got to speak to the man who represents them in Washington about a controversial law.

Congressman Louie Gohmert was in Tyler, talking about U.S. health care, and the law that would require all citizens to purchase health insurance.

The argument before the Supreme Court is that the health care law in unconstitutional and oversteps the federal government's power.

Congressman Gohmert has his own ideas on how to reform healthcare, but local opposition stands firm. They say the Affordable Healthcare Act is the answer.

East Texans are patiently waiting to see how the United States Supreme Court will rule on the Affordable Healthcare Act.

"If that is upheld, the government is going to have a duty of telling people how to live," says Gohmert.

Gohmert says there are ways to decrease healthcare costs without letting the government take it over.

"We need to help provide for those who are chronically ill and can't provide for themselves and those who are chronically poor and can't provide for themselves. Then, everybody else, we need to give them incentives to be able to take care of their own," says Gohmert.

The congressman says competitive deductibles and health savings accounts are the answer.

"This country was formed on the basis of liberty and people making their own choices. Never would any of them have ever dreamed that a government would tell people what they can eat or how they can live," says Gohmert.

"Louie Gohmert on constitutional law is Farmer Brown on astrophysics. Farmer Brown knows when the sun is out and when the moon is out. Other than that, it's much too complex for his understanding," says Smith County Democratic Party Chair David Henderson.

Henderson says he just doesn't understand the argument against the law.

"It baffles me because it seems like equal justice should include equal access to healthcare," says Henderson.

An ABC News-Washington Post poll shows just 25 percent of Americans say the justices should uphold the health care law. The poll showed 29 percent say they'd like to see the individual insurance mandate scrapped, and 38 percent want the law declared unconstitutional.

"The decision not to buy insurance is a $52 Billion problem that crosses state lines. People who do not have insurance show up in the emergency room, get treated and it costs tax payers and people who have health insurance billions," says Henderson.

As far as Henderson's suggestion that congressman Gohmert doesn't know what he's talking about... Gohmert only had one thing to say.

"My late mother used to say, in essence, never argue with a donkey lest onlookers confuse which is which. So, I make no response to that Democrat party chair," says Gohmert.

A ruling on whether or not the Affordable Healthcare Act is unconstitutional is expected this June.

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