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03/24/04 - Tyler

Laney Case Emotional For Many East Texans

May 10th, 2003.  It was just over ten months ago,  Deanna Laney called police saying she had killed her sons. The scene was horrific. Two children -- Luke and Joshua -- beaten to death with rocks. The youngest, Aaron Laney was in his crib covered in blood. He barely survived.

Neighbors said the Laneys were normal, church going people. And that there was absolutely no explanation.

Neighbor Joe Smith: "She may have done this physically, but mentally there's no way she could do anything like this. Something had to come over her."

For law enforcement -- those who had to document every aspect of the deaths of two children -- it was especially hard to understand.

"Nothing makes sense killing children -- Nothing... especially a 14 month old, assaulting it, attempting to kill it. An eight year old and six year old. That just doesn't make any sense at all," says Sheriff J.B. Smith.

Through hearing after hearing preparing for trial, family and friends of Deanna Laney have been by her side. Members of her church rallied around her, saying they love Deanna and will continue to. Though no one can imagine what could have happened.

"We don't have the answers for this. The family this tragedy came to is one of the most unlikely families you would think this would happen to."

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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