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WEB EXCLUSIVE: 8-year-old takes counterfeit money to school

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) – She was just trying to pay for her elementary school's field trip, but the $20 the 8-year-old was trying to use turned out to be counterfeit.

The child's mother said it all started with a game. The kids were challenged to pick up the yard and the child with the most trash would win a $5 prize.

"My daughter had the most garbage. Well, I find out she had cheated. She went over to the other yard on the other side of this gate over here," said Jeweline Cole.

That is where the 8-year-old found something special.

"She just up and said, ‘I found $20!'" said Cole.

Cole said her daughter was so proud of her newly found cash she volunteered to pay for her school field trip herself. Cole's daughter attends the Clay Avenue Community School. It was her principal who first noticed something was different about the $20 bill.

"It was quite evident when we looked at it. It was not the normal size of the currency," explained Julie McLaughlin, principal at Clay Avenue.

McLaughlin said a similar incident happened two years ago, which is why they took the bill away.

"We contacted police immediately and it's under police investigation," said McLaughlin.

When Cole's daughter returned home without the money, she called the school to find out what happened to it.

"They told me it was counterfeit. And I was like, ‘What? Counterfeit?!'" said Cole.

Even though they will not be charged, Cole said she is worried about where the money originated.

"A $20 bill just there out in the open like that. Where could it have come from? You know? Is there something going on in the neighborhood I don't know about?" said Cole.

Toledo Police have sent the case to the Secret Service for investigation.

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