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Restaurant Report: Hand washing and cross contamination issues

It was a tough week for five restaurants in Smith County, health inspectors found repeating problems with hand washing, and properly storing foods.

First up this week, Jake's in Tyler off of Erwin Street. Some hand wash facilities weren't adequate and accessible, and they also had toxic items not properly labeled and stored. Total demerits: 20

Next up, Truck Express off of the NNE Loop 323. They had cross contamination issues with their raw and cooked foods. They also didn't pass the equipment requirements with their hand wash facilities. Total demerits: 22

At Half Moon Grill and Soloon, off of FM 2493 in Tyler, inspectors spotted moldy shelled eggs, that had to be discarded. They also had raw meat above the mushrooms in cooler, and several other foods not properly stored. Employees handled foods with no proper hand barriers. Total demerits: 25

Texas Best Smokehouse off of Highway 271 had insect contamination. Inspectors also noted food not stored warm enough, and they didn't have proper cooking temperatures. Total demerits: 26

Last up, Donut Palace off of Highway 64 West in Tyler. A cook was observed handling pigs in a blanket without washing hands prior. A cook was also marked up for talking on the cell phone, while cooking pigs in a blanket. Several foods did not meet the correct temperatures while heating up or cooling down them. Total demerits: 27

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