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Liberty Hall kicks off major league season with baseball classics

Brent Horton. Tyler Minor League Historian Brent Horton. Tyler Minor League Historian

The major league season started yesterday in Miami, and there's more than one way to celebrate the start of major league baseball.

"There's an old baseball adage that hope springs eternal because baseball starts in the springtime, and so the start of every season starts anew, " says Tyler Minor League Historian Brent Horton.

And this month at Tyler's Liberty Hall, you're also going to get to cheer on some of your favorite baseball-playing movie characters.

Tyler's Liberty Hall Manager Anne Payne says, "I try to do themed movie months so they can make a plan if they are interested in a particular film or a director or a theme. And this month is going to be baseball because it's the opening of baseball season."

Payne gets movie and theme suggestions from just about everyone who comes through the theater, and she says it was hard to only choose five of the many great baseball movies to show on the big screen.

"I try to pick, for baseball, Kevin Costner, he's done several baseball movies. I couldn't have every week be Kevin Costner week. But we try to pick one from the 30s and 40s, one from the 70s and 80s, one from the 90s. I try to spread it out and pick the best of the best," says Payne.

It's the perfect choice for a Tyler theater, Horton says, because of Tyler's baseball history.

"Tyler has a rich minor league history, and it's sad that not many people know about it. There were hall of famers that played here. There were minor league legends that played here. The man who discovered Nolan Ryan as a scout played here in the 50s," says Horton.

And for those Rangers...

Horton says, "I'm going to boldly predict the Rangers in the World Series again. They'll be the first team to go to the World Series since the '23 Yankees, I believe, to lose two in a row and go back. And I think this time they'll probably play the Phillies. And they're a good pitching staff. (so are we going to have our hearts broken again?) No, this time they'll win."

Baseball month at the Liberty kicks off tonight at 7 pm with the Pride of the Yankees, a great movie about Lou Gehrig.

You'll get to see Bull Durham on the 12th,The Natural on the 19th, and A League of their Own on the 26th. Those movies all start at 7 pm.

There will also be a special midnight showing of Major League on Friday the 13th.

And if you're not a baseball fan, you are in luck -- to mark the end of the Azalea Trails this weekend, there will be a special screening of Gone with the Wind on Saturday night at 6 pm, complete with Azalea Belles and civil war soldiers.

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