ETX man throws two dogs into fire pit

ETX man throws two dogs into fire pit

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas man is charged with Animal Cruelty after throwing two dogs into a burning fire pit.

Authorities say one of the dogs died when 28-year-old Larry Lowery threw it into a fire pit. The Wood County Sheriff tells us the second dog ran away while on fire.

According to the Wood County Sheriff, four people were sitting around a fire pit drinking alcoholic beverages, watching the dogs burn.

"I seen my granddaughter, she's five years old and I saw her crying and I said, Rylee what's wrong baby? and she said, Grand Mammy, that man threw a dog into that fire," said Fay Norris, a next door neighbor.

Faye Norris says after her granddaughter told her what happened, she confronted those at the fire pit.

"He put his arm around me and told me he was sorry," said Norris.

Norris said Lowery's attitude was as if he didn't care.

"It was a joke to him. He had been drinking and he thought it was funny," said Norris.

Just a short time after that confrontation , Norris says Lowery threw a second dog into the fire.

"Later on when I went into the house to eat supper and come back out, I found out he threw another dog into the fire.

When asked how she found out he threw the second dog in she said, "He said he did, he was bragging about it," said Norris.

One of the dogs was thrown in, got up and ran off, and nobody has seen it since, and the other one is laying over there in the pit, it's just unbelievable," said neighbor Michael Mays.

Bill Wansley, the Wood County Sheriff said Lowery gave a voluntary statement admitting he grabbed a stray dog who had bit him two weeks earlier, swinging it towards the fire and then stumbled, and accidentally tossed the dog into the fire.

"It takes a mentally disturbed individual, my opinion, to do something that cruel," said Norris.

Lowery was charged with cruelty to animals, a state jail felony. He was released Tuesday on a $5,000 bond. The case will be forwarded to the Wood County District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

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