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"Does It Work?" - 1/03/05

Black & Decker Lids Off Automatic Jar Opener: "Does It Work?"

You've twisted it, turned it, run it under hot and cold water... even whacked it on the counter. But it still won't budge. Few things in the kitchen are more annoying than a jar that won't open. And if you have arthritis in your hands, this week's "Does It Work?" product is for you. It's called the Black & Decker Lids Off Automatic Jar Opener. And it looks very promising. But, "Does It Work?"

It's one of the most requested items we've ever tried to test. Trouble is, we couldn't get our hands on one. Every store... sold out. So we found one of the people who bought one before we could. "I got it because the arthritis in my hands has gotten so bad, I couldn't open jars anymore," says June Penn.

June has struggled with osteo-arthritis for close to 30 years. It progressively got worse. Her doctor even gave her some manual tools to help with jars. But eventually even they stopped working for her. The arthritis had reached a point where she started making grocery decisions based on what she can and can't open. Not many pickles in this house. "I think they're the worst," Penn says.

On our first test we tried a jar of hot sauce. Place the jar on the rubber pad. Turn the pad counter clockwise until the sides grip the bottom of the jar, press the button and... it works. "Great," says Penn.

Before we tried a jar of spaghetti sauce, we asked Penn to give it a spin with her hands. "I'll try, but there's no way." Sure enough, she just didn't have enough "grip" in her hands. But the Lids Off opener popped it open with on trouble.

It's obvious this thing has a place in many kitchens, but how does it handle some of those "special" lids, like a plastic mayonnaise jar lid, a small pimento jar lid and a bottle of barbecue sauce? It popped them all open-- no matter how big or how small.

Of all the kitchen products she's owned over the years, this one ranks... "at the top," says Penn.

We give the Black & Decker Lids Off Automatic Jar Opener, a "yes".

So, how did June get her jar opener? Around Christmas, it was featured in an advertisement for Bed, Bath and Beyond. She ran up to the Tyler store immediately and was lucky enough to get one. We checked 6 different stores and all 6 were out of stock. Most say they've been on order since November.

There are some available online, but most dealers don't guarantee they're in stock when ordering. They sell for around 40 dollars.

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