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3/23/04 - Longview

Parents Speak Out On School Uniform Policy

Will Longview High School students have to start wearing uniforms to school? That's the question parents got to weigh-in on with their opinions Tuesday night.

A meeting at the high school cafeteria gave parents the opportunity to discuss whether or not they wanted their children to wear the uniforms.

Ten of the districts' 15 campuses have gone to school uniforms. Parents are split on which decision is right for the students.

"I think it will be a good thing because sometimes my kids come dressed in appropriately and I think it will stop a lot of that," says Dimple Mathis.

"I'm opposed to the school uniforms in the Longview high school number 1 because I believe that it's a parent's responsibility to tell their children no and that should not be abdicated to the school district or any other governmental unit," says Mary Lou Tevebaugh.

The high school principal says the majority opinion of the parents will be the deciding factor in whether or not to implement the school uniforms. No word yet on when that decision will be made.

Amy Tatum, reporting.

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