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03/23/04 - Tyler

More Business Owners Checking Applicants' Past

"It's just peace of mind that you're leaving you child with safe people."

Information is power for anyone, but especially for the parents of children in day care.

"We're required by law to do a criminal background check of anyone who's coming to work at the nursery," says Susan Warren of Tyler Day Nursery. Each of the employees must have a perfect past.

"One person, one person can really damage a business' reputation," says Kay Robinson of the Better Business Bureau. She says more and more business owners are checking criminal histories, sex offender data bases and Social Security numbers.

"If you've got someone intent stealing from customers coming in your store -- just imagine, the crook has someone to steal their identity. That would be a huge problem," she says.

Because of the extensive demand by employers for this information, the Better Business Bureau has struck a deal with for a much discounted price for their members. You can go to this website as an individual and do a search for $29.95 per search.

You can find out any of this information about anyone. But what about privacy? Each of these records is public. Just in this electronic age, it's in your hands in a moment. Back in the nursery, those who take care of our youngest say the knowledge is vital.

"As a parent, I feel it's important that you feel comfortable with the person you're leaving you child with and that it's a safe environment. As a teacher, I want people to feel the same way about me, about the environment their child is in."

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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