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ETX company helps out in California shooting


Prosecutors have filed seven murder charges against the man accused of a fatal shooting rampage at a California Christian college.

Forty-three-year-old One Goh also was charged Wednesday with three counts of attempted murder.

Goh surrendered to authorities Monday, an hour after the attack at Oikos University, where seven people were killed, and three were wounded.

The District Attorney there says Goh could face the death penalty if convicted.

During that campus shooting, East Texans were doing their part to help with the emergency response.

Paramedics Plus was the first responders at scene. The company happens to fall under East Texas Medical Center Regional Health Care System, and their headquarters are right here in Tyler.

Ten ambulances were dispatched to Oikos University in Oakland, after 43-year-old Goh opened fire, killing seven and injuring three.

One of the first to arrive on scene was Paramedics Plus.

"We have a company called Paramedics Plus that falls under the East Texas Medical Center Regional Health Care System. It services all of the EMS areas that we provide EMS service to outside of Texas," said ETMC Communication Director Jeff Haislet.

Paramedics Plus also operates in Oklahoma, Florida and Indiana.

When the shooting happened, the communications center in Alameda County was quick to notify everyone at headquarters, and gave them status updates throughout the day.

"There were a total of three patients transported early, then we had two additional patients who were transported and then there were fatalities on scene that were not transported," said Jeff Taylor, COO for Paramedics Plus in Alameda County, Ca.

Controllers in the communication room are usually the ones who take calls and direct either Paramedics Plus or ETMC units to the scene with the help of Google Earth.

If a similar situation were to arise in East Texas the people in the control room would be able direct ambulances or helicopters to the scene and tell them where to best locate themselves.

Taylor said they have the exact same system as the headquarters in Tyler.

They are also the second operation to put the headquarters system into use.

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