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ETX high school students design home that will go up for sale

Some East Texas High Schoolers now have the opportunity to design and help build a home that will go up for sale.

Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and the Agriculture classes are coming together to put together an innovative and modern home.

Brent Berryman, the Engineer and Architecture teacher, is working with his students to help them design a home that will be built by Red Baron Companies.

"These students they grab it and go with it extremely fast, because their minds are all about animation and creating things," says Berryman.  

President of Red Baron Companies, Jerry Alexander, says he wanted to give the students an opportunity to practice what they learn.

"We came up with this idea of getting the kids from the classroom to a real life setting, and lets build something together," says Alexander.  

The students were on board with the idea.

"Things I'm drawing, I'm seeing it being built, and then you walk through and you're like, I just designed that, I did that," says Linda le student, Bailey Hukill.

"I really enjoy messing around with the houses, and how I can turn it into a 2D floor plan view into a 3D plan and actually furnish the house," says Lindale student, Zachariah Williams.  

Alexander comes to all the classes to assist the students and answer questions.

"There's so many things to take into consideration, the placements of beds, and do they interfere with windows and doors, and is there enough room in the closet to actually walk in; They're learning so much," explains Alexander.

By using professional software technology, the students see their future more clearly.

"Pursuing Architecture, staying around here being able to do the same what I'm doing now, just getting paid for it," says Hukill.  

Red Baron Companies plans to give 8 percent of the sale price of the home to the school programs.

Alexander is also going to give scholarships to students earning the top designs in different categories, like the best kitchen design, or best master bedroom design.

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