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Hundreds without power, homes damaged after Monday storm


Monday's storm brought wind, rain, thunder and lightning into the city limits of Tyler. Around 1 p.m., the storm was crossing Loop 323 and headed for downtown.

Brittle limbs hit the ground all over town like at an entrance of Rose Hill Cemetery, and on Seagle Street; it was not bad enough to stop traffic. Lightning could be heard cracking all over town as the storm marched north, knocking down even more limbs.

At Callahan and Donnybrook a fallen branch knocked over a street lamp.  Charnwood at Donnybrook was a closed intersection because part of a tree knocked down cable and phone lines which came to a rest on a power line.

A home off of East Lake St. and S. Sneed Ave. was damaged after a massive tree fell on the home. The homeowners say they were not home when it fell, but neighbors said it happened around 1 p.m. The homeowners had already contacted their insurance providers, but were waiting for Oncor to cut the power, so they could begin clearing the tree from their yard. 

Another large tree collapsed off of E. Locust St. and George Avenue near downtown Tyler. Amazingly, no homes were damaged, but police did have to close down the road. When the tree fell, it took with it several power lines. Residents in that area have been without power since about 11:30 a.m. One woman says she is very anxious to have her power back, but more than anything she is thankful no one was injured. 

Pictures sent in by some of you included the torrential rain on Houston Street, and a tree down at Sixth and Broadway.

The storm passed through most of East Texas. It moved through Kilgore, dropped hail near Athens and knocked at least one tree down near Teague Park in Longview.

After the storm raced through the area, there was only one thing to do: pick up the mess.

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