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Bobcat blamed for damaging vehicle


Residents in Rusk county are on the lookout for a very destructive big cat.

Witnesses found a badly damaged car this morning in the 15-thousand block of county road 2132, in the community of Chalk Hill near Tatum. It could easily have been mistaken for an April fool's joke, but residents in the community are not laughing.

When Loretta Alexander came outside, she thought someone had vandalized her KIA Sportage rental car.

"I was surprised about what was going on, I mean who could have wrecked the car? I kept saying someone has wrecked my car, somebody has wrecked the car," Alexander says.

"Lady called and said her care had been scratched up, well I'm thinking somebody vandalized it," says Rusk county Deputy Johnny Edwards.

But this was no human vandal. It was a bobcat.

"She told me at that time a bobcat did it," Edwards says.

"There were paw prints everywhere. Paw prints all around the car as well as scratches," Alexander adds.

Alexander had carried food in the car the day before, and the lingering smell is thought to have drawn the cat's interest.

"The cat worked the car over pretty good it had to be towed," says Edwards.

The molding was torn away from the wheel wells , wiring was torn off from underneath. Edwards believes it was a large bobcat that had been seen by neighbors, and the families two dogs have disappeared as well.

"Apparently it whooped the dogs and took on the KIA and killed the KIA. Its not act of god its act of bobcat," joked Edwards.

And Alexander had to explain what happened to the rental, on April fools day.

"Told the lady that it was a bobcat and she started laughing, I said but it was a bobcat that attacked the car, and she was thinking April fool's," she says.

The families two dog's have not been found. And there's been no further sightings of the cat.

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