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East Texans rally for Trayvon Martin

Hundreds of protestors packed the streets of downtown Tyler on Saturday as they marched for a Florida teen, shot to death.

Seventeen-year-old Trayvon Martin's story has captured national spotlight, through demonstrations coast to coast.

Saturday East Texas protestors said they will keep marching until they get an answer.

"We just need a lot of people to come here and share their support for Trayvon," said Terry Hampton, who attended the rally.

"It's really a national crisis what's going on and I feel like everyone needs to come together and show support," said Andrian Ohora, who also attended the rally.

"This rally is really to make a statement to the public and to the area, not only in Tyler, not only in East Texas and Texas, but the nation and the world. We are still a people and we will come together and fight for justice," said Kenneth Scott, who attended the rally.

Scott said they fight for Trayvon Martin, the unarmed, black teenager who was shot by George Zimmerman.

Zimmerman claimed Trayvon looked suspicious while walking through a gated community in Florida.

Now protestors want Zimmerman behind bars. They want justice.

"I would like to see justice. There has been no justice and there is a lot of racism that needs to be taken care of and I hope this right here will make a dent in it," said Hampton.

"We need the support of the Hispanic community, the Caucasian community anyone who was able and breathing and was able to march should have been out here today, because this is not just for African Americans this is for all of our children," said Scott.

Scott said it was important for not only him to march, but his children as well.

"The dream has not been fulfilled yet and the march goes on; the march continues," said Scott.

The march began at the Tyler Municipal Court and ended at the Smith County courthouse in
downtown Tyler.

Click here to see a slideshow from the rally.

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