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Mega Millions brings in millions! Lottery groups form in ETX

So far, just Friday, and just in Texas, almost $19 million worth of tickets have been bought for the Texas Mega Millions Jackpot.

Many East Texans are joining forces, pooling their money for better odds. But that means the risks are higher, if they are not careful.

$640 million, the biggest jackpot in lottery history! A bit of history employees at Satterwhite Log Homes Company wants to be part of.

"Everybody got to go in on it at whatever amount they wanted to put in," says Satterwhite employee Crystal Brightwell.

Brightwell says numbers got so high, she couldn't keep them organized, so she created a spread sheet.

"We worked up our spread sheet and however much they put in, whatever the winning is, and we did it percentage," says Brightwell.  

Dacus Firm Attorney, Pete Kerr, says staying organized is the key to a smooth outcome, especially if the winnings turn out to be big.

"It's important to be organized, the designated leader, so they can carry out the terms of the agreement, and to put it in writing, so you make sure your know what's going to happen," says Kerr.

Kerr also says it's important for the group pooling money, to know how the winnings will be divided.

"If there's someone buying more than one lottery ticket, and you're that person, you definitely want to make sure it's listed there, and everyone knows your going to get two shares instead of one," says Kerr.

Kerr suggests to write up a contract with terms and agreements and everyone should have a copy of the tickets.

"Make copies of the front and back of the ticket, the back of the ticket usually has the serial number so everybody knows what tickets were bought," suggests Kerr.  

After learning all the tips from a legal standpoint, Brightwell says she'll check into making a contract.

The drawing is scheduled for 10 o'clock tonight central time.  KLTV 7 will have the winning numbers on our 10 o'clock newscast.

The odds of winning are about 1 in 176 million.

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