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03/22/04 - Tyler

Former Radio DJ Mike Harris Gets Another 15 Years In Prison

A hearing Monday evening at the Smith County Courthouse will be the last for Mike Harris.

Already serving a federal child pornography sentence, he pleaded guilty to ten more counts, including sexual assault of a child. Entering the courtroom once again, Harris has already spent nearly five years in federal prison. That was for possession of a videotape showing two men and the molestation of a teenager. He admitted he was there and got a six and a half year sentence. He also named names. The men in that video are now locked away.

Smith County District Attorney Matt Bingham: "Two people went to the penitentiary as child molesters that we would have not known their identity. And that was through Mr. Harris's cooperation with federal and local law enforcement."

Cooperation has led to leniency. A plea agreement struck several years ago was honored by Judge Cynthia Kent. Ten counts in all, indecency and sexual assault of a child, and tampering with a witness. Harris could have been sentenced to well over a hundred years. Instead: 15 years.

"In this case, the victims didn't want to go through a trial. In many cases the victims were hostile towards us. You have to look at the totality of everything. To say that justice was served based on the facts of this case, and what the victim's wanted, I think the District Attorney's office did a great job and got a good sentence on a child molester who's getting 15 years out of 20."

Harris spoke of jail shortly after his arrest in 1998.

"Of course, it's the most traumatizing, devastating thing emotionally, a human being can endure. It's a scary thing," Harris said.

He's now been locked up nearly five years. Whether parole is an option when is transferred to state prison is solely up to the state board of pardons and paroles.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.

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