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FDA test results in, show illegal breast injections contained silicone

The East Texas cosmetologist accused of giving women illegal breast enhancement injections in the back room of her Tyler salon is now seeking a bail reduction.

Carmel Foster is charged with two counts of practicing medicine without a license.
This week, her attorney filed paperwork saying her bond of $200,000 is unreasonably high and unlawful.

According to Tyler Police, FDA preliminary test results show the majority of the substance contained silicone of some type, though she may have been adding some other possible substances in with it.

A search warrant of Queen Divas salon did show she had Super Clear Gasket Maker silicone in the salon but it's unclear if that was the silicone substance that showed up in FDA tests.

Thursday evening, in her first interview since being released from the hospital, Sheena Bradford, opened up. Bradford is one of the women who received the injections and became extremely ill.

"I'm feeling much better now that I'm off my oxygen. I'm getting around a little bit more without feeling too worked up," Bradford told us. 

It has been three weeks since Bradford was released from the hospital in Longview. Six weeks ago, Bradford said she was in Foster's back room at Queen Diva's Salon. She paid Foster$600 for injections that would increase her breast size.

"She asked for the money and asked me to take off my shirt. She got syringes and needles; she let me open up my own needles. She poked me in two different places in each breast and I was standing up... basically hemorrhaging while she performed the procedure," Bradford explained. 

Bradford told us this turned out to be the most painful thing she has ever felt in her life.

"My breathing was much different, but I thought it was because I was in so much pain from the procedure. I was trying to calm down and I couldn't calm down," Bradford said. 

Two days later she was admitted to Good Shepherd ICU where she stayed for 19 days.

"I didn't even know I was in this world. I had no idea that my condition was so bad," she told us.

Now that Bradford's health is improving, she'd like to see some restitution.

"I want my money back for suffering and pain, lost wages of work.  She truly lied...she made me believe that she was getting all of this from a doctor and she used to work for a doctor," Bradford explained.

Foster was arrested in Marshall last month and still sits in the Smith County Jail.

Her attorney is working toward her release. In court documents this week he said, 

"Ms. Foster is not a danger to the community, and is eager to try this cause so that she may be vindicated and have her good name re-established in this community."

"This is a life lesson learned experience for me. I know a lot of people out there have a lot of negative things to say about this, but I don't feel so bad because I wasn't the only one that this has happened to, or the only one that has had this particular procedure done," Bradford told us.

It is this procedure that some will never understand.

"You know, a lot of people want to know, 'Why did you do it?,' we asked. Bradford explained, "Well, it's just something I've always wanted to do, and I went and had it done. I had seen where it was at a reasonable price, so I just jumped on it and went and had it done. I was assured that she used to work at a doctor's office in Houston and that she knew what she was doing."

Bradford said she has learned a lot from the experience that nearly claimed her life.

She told us she's gotten over the initial embarrassment of getting the procedure done, and now she just feels blessed.

"People I don't even know prayed for me, and that does let you know how prayer does work. I really appreciate that," Bradford said. 

Police say other women claiming to have the injections done by Foster did come forward. However, only Bradford and her friend who also had the procedure done, have officially filed charges.
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