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New nail polish wants to draw you in


Are you the type who loves those designer nails? Do you think they cost too much? Well, we may have a solution for you: Magnetix.

It's a brand new type of nail polish that responds to magnetism, giving your nails a custom look.

We went looking for someone who needed their nails done.

Surprisingly, it didn't take long to find someone willing to try something funky to their nails.

Pat Rasberry had just polished her nails the night before, but was willing to paint right over them to see if Magnetix really worked.

At first, it didn't, so we read the directions. You have to do it while the nail is wet. So we tried again.

"Did it do it?" I asked Pat.

"It did something. Not quite the pattern, but it did come through," she replied.

She accidentally touched her nail with the magnet. She tried again holding the magnet close right after she painted it.

"It works. It just gives you that half shadow but it looks pretty good to me," she observed.

"It kind of looks expensive, don't you think?" I asked.

"Yeah, it does," Pat agreed.

She tried another pattern.

"It gives different shadings. See there?" Pat pointed out.

So the closer you hold the magnet to the nail, the more pronounced the pattern is. It took a little while to get the hang of it, but eventually Pat concluded that it worked.

She liked the effect.

"It looks like it's almost 3D," she said.

Pat said she's attracted to Magnetix China Glaze, and would be picking it up very soon.

We found out the hard way that you shouldn't get another magnet near the patterned Magnetix magnet. It made the pattern disappear. One bottle of polish and the magnet costs around $16.

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