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Better East Texas: 'Stand Your Ground' law

By Pat Stacey

Over the past few weeks we have seen extensive coverage and heard unending opinion on the events surrounding the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. 

Sadly, many have introduced racial profiling as possibly contributing to the tragedy.  There has been a load of speculation from all sides and we probably will never know everything that happened. 

Racial profiling is illegal but I can't remember a situation where it led to a death. But one thing in this horrible situation is that the law that allowed George Zimmerman to take the actions he took, and will probably protect him from prosecution, needs to be reversed. 

Florida and several dozen other states have "stand your ground" laws and, in this case, it most definitely hampered the investigation. 

Here is a death by gun shot with the shooter acknowledging the action and law enforcement could not even arrest him to conduct very routine medical tests – all because of the stand your ground law.  The law allows citizens to use deadly force in a public place if they feel mortally threatened, allowing for plenty of gray area during investigations. 

Trayvon Martin's family along with many Americans are calling for justice and there probably won't be an arrest in this case. But even if there is, to seek justice is to get this law repealed and it starts in Florida and the other states that have this. 

It is just not good legislation.  Thankfully Texas does not have such a law and lawmakers need to learn from the Florida example and not jump on the band wagon and create something similar, making for a Better East Texas.

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