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East Texans host candlelight vigil for Trayvon Martin


Wednesday evening, East Texans came together for a candlelight service for Trayvon Martin. 
Organizers told us the best thing they could do for their frustrations was to pray.

Millions of people nationwide have watched as details were released concerning this controversial tragedy. Now, even more questions are being asked after hearing 911 calls.

Like many people around the country, East Texans want answers.

Carolyn Bradley is one of the 300 East Texans who attended the vigil. 

"We just want justice and some answers, that's all we want," Bradley said.

Longview attorney, Terrence Allison, also attended the vigil and said it will take time to get those answers. After studying the law however, he says he is disappointed in how this has been handled.

"What I know as an attorney, is that there was probable cause, enough probable cause to arrest Mr. Zimmerman. I think that's what irritates a lot of people," explained Allison. 

All ages attended the vigil, including Tyia Taylor who said she is upset there are not more discussions at her school about this. She said it is an important issue that needs to be addressed. Like Bradley, she too has unanswered questions. 

"I do not understand why this man is still walking around free. You took another's life, that's not fair," she said when talking about Zimmerman. 

While many still protest, the Longview community decided another avenue for their frustration was to pray.

Mother and grandmother, Glenda Johnson, said her heart goes out to Martin's grieving parents, which is why she joined her Longview community in prayer. 

"We're just praying for his family and to pray that this doesn't happen to another child," she said. 

KLTV 7 has learned a Tyler group will be hosting a rally for Trayvon Martin Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. It will begin at the Tyler Municipal Court.

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