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ETX police seek help identifying repeat robber

Ryan Ryan

Authorities are asking for your help identifying the man they believe is responsible for two convenience store robberies.

Police say twice last month, the Kim's #4 in the 400 block of East Palestine Avenue was robbed just before closing.

"I just opened the drawer. I didn't really think much of it, and as soon as I did he reached across the counter. He shot me one last dirty look and ran off down the street," says Ryan McCann, the clerk who was working at the store during the robbery.

But, that wasn't the first time. Ryan says just six days earlier the exact same thing had happened.

The second time he had a feeling the thief had returned, but by then it was too late.

"I kind of started feeling a little suspicious," Ryan says. "I felt like this guy had something that he was thinking about doing. I went ahead and opened the drawer, and when I did the same thing happened," says Ryan.

Police say both times the man got away with a some cash, but they don't want him to get away for good.

"He is unidentified at this time and we're hoping that citizens can help us to identify this subject," says Palestine Police sergeant James Muniz.

Police only released video from one of the incidents. However, both they and Ryan are confident the crimes were committed by the same guy.

"I'm pretty sure after the second time that it was the exact same guy. After he gave me that dirty look I really felt like it was the exact same guy," says Ryan.

"It happened both times within an hour or so of closing, and the guy basically had the same description," says Muniz.

Ryan says he was shaken up by the incident and transferred to another store where he doesn't have to work alone.

Ryan says he has gotten over the fear of something like this happening again, but he would still like to see the man responsible for the robberies behind bars.

Anyone who has information about the robberies is asked to call Palestine Police or their local crime stoppers.

If you want a closer look at the thief, we've posted the surveillance video from the robberies on HERE.

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