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ETX offers 'Edible Plant Series' class, based on 'The Hunger Games'


Setting new records in mobile ticket sales, and grossing more than a $150 million in the opening weekend, The Hunger Games is considered one of top movies of the decade.

The book and movie are such a huge hit, one East Texas school is offering a class that provides education about surviving in the wild.

"I suggested it one day to the kids and they jumped on it. And ever since then, they've asked me over and over again, when are we going to get started," said the horticulture teacher at Lindale High School, Ms. Rebecca Curry.  

"I guess it just came about, I don't know which one of us, but the idea just popped up like, we should do an edible plant series," said Senior student, Britt Lusty.  

This week marks the beginning for the Horticulture Science class at Lindale High School, which will teach students about and how to identify edible plants.

Curry said, "I want them to learn a lot about the different uses for plants; then the cultivated and the uncultivated plants that can be used as food plants."

The kids already know about the plants from a molecular level, and Ms. Curry wants her students to have a more diverse knowledge.

"I really want to get into some different uses of plants, and that was just highlighted in the book so vividly and entwined," explained Curry.  

Katniss Everdeen, the books heroine, uses plants in The Hunger Games for healing, and to satisfy hunger. All key tools to her survival. Something that interests these active Lindale students.

"I really want to know what berries are ok to eat, because I see them out a lot when I'm hunting, and I'd really like to, if I run out of food, to not eat the wrong berries, like in the books," said Lusty.  

"I've thought about joining the military, so it will help in the survival training, but also if there would be a major catastrophe that happened, I would be ready for it," explained another student in the class, Zack Crenshaw.  

It's the first day to learning more about edible plants, and the first one is the dandelion.

Ms. Curry says the students are all excited about the "Edible Plant Series" and she plans to continue it until the end of the school year.

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