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City of Tyler annexes UT Health Science Center

Dr. Kirk Calhoun, President of UTHSC Dr. Kirk Calhoun, President of UTHSC

The Tyler City Council annexed the University of Texas Health Science Center into Tyler's city limit at Wednesday morning's council meeting.

At their regular meeting on January 25, the Tyler City Council voted unanimously to adopt a resolution initiating annexation proceedings, authorizing a service plan, and setting the dates, times and places for public hearings on the proposed annexation of the University of Texas at Tyler Health Science Center, which is approximately 593.11 acres of land located at the northwest intersection of State Highway 271 and State Highway 155.

According to an earlier press release, the voluntary annexation of the campus was initiated by representatives of UTHSCT and is allowed under the State Annexation Law in the Texas Local Government Code.

City Manager, Mark McDaniel says, "this is a major step forward in the growth of our city. Healthcare education is so important to maintaining our high levels of medical car in East Texas and equally as valuable in providing jobs."

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