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ETX man says truck mysteriously caught fire


An East Texas man's truck was destroyed after it mysteriously caught fire.

The owner, Hank Morphis, said he was cutting the grass Sunday on County Road 479 near Lindale when all of the sudden, his truck was on fire.

"It looked like it started in the center of the dash and it just annihilated the dash. There was a great big hole in it of course right there above where the windshield is cracked," said Morphis.

Morphis was able to put the fire out by opening the doors and letting a light breeze put out the flames.

As a precaution, Lindale Fire Department came out to the scene to make sure everything was under control.

"We make numerous vehicle fires over the course of the year and sometimes it's obvious what happened. You know some major mechanical problem other times it's not so obvious," said Jerry Garner, Lindale Fire Department.

Morphis said he hadn't driven or turned on the vehicle all day, so he decided to Google ‘2005 GMC Sierra truck dash fires' and said what he found was shocking.

"Upon Googling it and also my insurance agent with Allstate pulled it up there has been a recall in Canada and I feel like that's probably part of this problem but it has not been issued in America and that I'm kind of wondering why," said Morphis.

We contacted General Motors about the incident and this is the statement they issued:

I have a couple of queries out on this, but I won't have anything to offer you by way of comment until the people who work in this area get back to me. For now, I think that means you have to put GM down as having no comment.

Morphis said GM is sending an investigative team to check out what started the fire. They should be on site within the next 30 to 100 days.

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