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Is your student ready for the STAAR exam?


It can be difficult to prepare students for a test no one has taken, but this is a task a local educational publishing company has taken on.

"We actually started working on STAAR products before STAAR was even a reality. We track education policy in Texas and all across the country, and we were actually preparing before it was even finalized. Then, as the state would release information, we had a team of educators who were studying the standards," said Mentoring Minds' CEO, Robert Bush.  

The Texas Education Agency warns that STAAR questions will require students to think on a much deeper level than what they've been accustomed to with the TAKS test.  

"It is definitely a different set of standards; they're higher, they're deeper, and more rigorous. And students not only need to understand how to read and write and add and subtract; they'll have to take that and apply it to real world examples that they will have on the STAAR test," Bush explained.  

Students will also be given a four hour time limit, but Bush says with the proper preparation, there is no need to worry.

"It's not a reason to be scared or disappointed; it's a reason actually to challenge yourself and to perform...both for the teacher, the student, and the parent," he said.  

Bush told us his team of educators uses the most up-to-date information released by the TEA to ensure students have a successful learning environment.   

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