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Longview group holds march against drugs


Marching to take their neighborhoods back from drugs and violence, a coalition of churches and ordinary citizens took to the streets of south Longview.

Longview area church pastors and citizens are hoping to end crime and drugs on their streets, with the first step of simply making their voice's heard. It was a march down Longview's 12th street to bring attention to the fight against drugs, corruption, violence and crime in south Longview.

"There's a high volume of activity on 12th street all day long and all night long. We're actually drug fighting in our community turn around Longview , we're trying to turn our communities around," says reverend Herb Spady of Courageous Joshua Generation ministries.

They feel their mere presence interrupted drug deals that would have been going on at the street corners.

"In marching just this morning we're done away with some sales," Spady says.

"The missing piece in any kind of effort to clean up a neighborhood is neighbors standing together with law enforcement," says marcher Andy Garr.

12th street has been plagued by drug activity and violence over the years. Much of it within sight of neighbors.

"We just decided to take a stand against drug selling, we do not want what you have to offer if it's illegal," adds Spady.

Their hope is to spur public outcry against drugs and crime in Longview.

"It's up to us, we're the parent's of every child out here, is our son or daughter. It's a hand full of folks that can change the world," Garr says.

The group plans future marches to gain support of the neighborhood's in the fight against drugs and violence.

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