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Square dancing, anyone?


It seems like Mineola is the place to be this weekend. People from all over Texas have packed up their RVs and are now camping out in front of Mineola Civic Center for something they say is continuing to gain popularity.

"We can square dance just about anywhere now because there's square dancing all over the United States. It's grown, it's grown from year to year and it continues to get bigger and better every year," says square dancer Elton Arnold. 

Arnold grew up in a family of square dancers and his mother has not slowed down.

"We all just have fun; square dancing is a very fun thing to do. I've been square dancing for about 33 years," said Arnold's mother, Nell Settle. 

The Davis' are not new to square dancing either.

"Fifty something years; I started in the fifties," said Hilton Davis. 

A glance around the room proved the fashion was just as important as the dance. 

"That's part of square dancing is looking the best we can. Square dancing in petticoats is square dancing," Settle said as she showed off her poofy skirt. 

It is easy to pick out people's partners just based on the outfits. The Davis' wore pink shirts and Mr. Davis' tie matched Mrs. Davis' skirt. 

And for some, square dancing is much more than just a night out on the town.

"It's the exercise and the people you meet. Probably half the time you'll be out there with people you've never seen before," explained Mr. Davis. 

"It's a lot of family fun; we have fun all the time. You know, that's what square dancing is, friendship set to music,"Arnold said. 

Whether you are there to turn heads, see old friends or make new ones, everyone agreed that square dancing is good family fun.

Events for Saturday, March 24, kick off with a round dance at 8:30 a.m. The evening dance begins at 7:30pm. It is free to watch, however they are charging seven dollars a person to dance. 

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