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School district may join movement against relying on state standardized testing


An East Texas superintendent wants his district to join many more in telling state leaders 'enough is enough' when it comes to relying on state tests to rate campuses.

Dr. Randy Reid told KLTV 7 the school board is looking over a resolution that is spreading statewide. The resolution asks state leaders to move away from standardized tests like this year's STAAR test to rate campus performance. Instead, Reid suggested the state look at each district's end-of course exams.

"What we're trying to say with this resolution is that we agree wholeheartedly with accountability for schools in the State of Texas," Reid said. "We also believe that we've entered a period maybe where testing has taken a life of its own and maybe has gotten outside of the realm of being helpful and has become such a burden to many of the school districts around the state that it may actually be impeding our ability to educate kids.

"We just want to make sure that any evaluation system really looks for more than just that single snapshot on one particular day on one particular test. That's an important piece of it but its not all there is," Reid said.

The superintendent said other East Texas school districts have looked into the resolution as well. Tyler ISD's Board of Trustees will take up the issue again during their April meeting.

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