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Two young ETX girls love to compete in Archery, want to go pro


Fans are eating up The Hunger Games, which opened strongly with nearly $20 million at the box office already.

Based on a popular series of books, The Hunger Games is about a young woman who takes part in a brutal game of survival. Her weapon of choice; the bow and arrow.

After years of practice, 17-year-old Molly and her 14-year-old sister, Brenna Forrestier are now competing at the state level in archery.

"We like to compete against each other because we are siblings, it's just really fun to shoot together," says Molly.  

It's easy for Brenna and Molly to relate to the new movie, The Hunger Games, after all, "Katniss" shows unconditional love and bravery for her little sister, "Prim".

Katniss uses her archery skills to fight her way through survival in the movie, in once scene, it is a steady shot that earns her a top score in The Hunger Games.

Brenna and Molly say that steadiness comes with lots of hard work and dedication.

"You want to try and keep it level, while watching the target and have your elbow up when your pulling it," says Brenna.  

Katniss loves to hunt, and that is a key to survival in the movie. Brenna and Molly hope to go hunting this year.

When asked what they want to hunt they both responded, "Deer. We've always wanted to take one home, we've always wanted to skin a deer."

Brenna and Molly both love archery as a sport, and feel like all young girls can participate they give one piece of advice.

"Lots of practice, and don't get discouraged, even if you miss the target," says Brenna.

Molly placed first in state last year in her division of archery. Both Brenna and Molly hope to compete more, and eventually be at the pro level.  Oh, and they both plan to see the movie soon.

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