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East Texas coaches weigh in on Saints severe punishment


When the Grace Cougars take the field, head coach Mike Maddox expects toughness and some heavy hits.

"You want to be the defense that runs the fastest and hits the hardest," said Maddox.  "That's the nature of the game. But you cross over when you start putting money down. All the sudden it's on a whole different level. It's not a game anymore."

After expressing initial shock to the NFL's harsh punishment for the New Orleans Saints bounty system, Maddox believes the punishment fits the crime.

"If a group of players are actually out to put somebody out of the game, then you're talking about somebody's son, father or husband," said Maddox. "That's their livelihood that you're trying to take away."

Tyler Lee head Darrell Piske was stunned by the punishment.

"I think what they did was pretty severe," said Piske of the NFL.  "It's not my call. I think it also sends a message to another coach that if that's a bounty system, he's going to end that bounty system."

A congressional hearing will be held in the next few weeks, looking into the bounty system.  Maddox believes the NFL already has it under control.

"With this kind of stiff sentence of a coach being suspended for a year, it's got their attention," said Maddox.  "Just keep our government officials out of it and let football handle football."

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