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Fundraiser benefiting mother, now benefiting ETX city


The essential medication for a 22-year-old East Texas mother of two is not going to cost her as much as she originally thought.

Last week, we told you about Sammy Mosley of Kilgore.

She is recovering from a kidney transplant and she thought her drugs were going to cost her more than $1,700 a month.

But she recently learned the medicine will cost a little over a $100 a month.

Trouble is, Mosely's family set up a fundraiser to help her pay the bills.

The Mosley's say at first, they were just baffled by what they thought the medicine would cost.

"The pharmacy was telling her that $1,800 a month was her co-pay, that's what we were operating on, that's the information that we had," explains Babby Carroll, Sammy's mother.

Sammy Mosley says she even talked to the pharmacy to try to clear it up, "I immediately called up amber pharmacy, and they told me well, that's your co-pay for some of your medications because you don't have "Medicare Part D" that picks up more.

The Transplant Program Director at ETMC, Dr. Steven Potter, says that amount was a surprise to him too.

"Oh, I would have a heart attack too, and we have those type of heart attacks all the time, patients bring in their paperwork and say what does this mean, and we have to figure it out for them. But the bottom line is there is no way she had to pay $1,800,"  Potter says.

The Mosley's are ecstatic now to learn they only have to pay a little over a $100 a month for all of her medications. "Some of the ones that were so incredibly expensive are down to zero or ten dollars. It's awesome, " says Carroll.

The Mosley's began planning a barbeque fundraiser weeks ago and they are too far along to just cancel it. So now, the Mosley's have decided to change who the fundraiser benefits.

"People within our community who experience health problems or they need help, or they need gas money to go to a doctor appointment, or help with food, whatever, it will be a fund to help the people in our community," Carroll says.  

Doctor Potter says all of his patients will have some kind of medical coverage to help minimize their medication bills.

"Don't stress out, give us a call because we're here for you 24-7," Potter reassured her.

The BBQ fundraiser will still be held, but now, the proceeds will go to residents of the City of Kilgore, who are in need of medical financial assistance.

The fundraiser will be held March 25, at the St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Kilgore. You can grab your brisket plate, along with all the fixin's for just five dollars from 11:30 until 2:00.


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